This project was born out of curiosity while looking through World War I photographs on the National Archives database. That curiosity sparked a digital project that I hope will be useful to other researchers, historians, and those interested in learning more about the First World War.

I would like to thank my director Dr. David Dillard for his support and guidance while completing this thesis project. Our many conversations about military history, the United States Army, and officer training gave me insight into themes and areas of history that I had not previously considered for the project. I am grateful for everything I have learned from him both in the classroom and in our thesis meetings. I would also like to thank my committee members, Dr. Andrew Witmer and Dr. Timothy J. Fitzgerald, for taking time out of their schedule to review my project. The constructive criticism and feedback they provided was tremendously helpful.

The 3D models in the project would not have been possible without Annette Guild, Abby Adam, and Sydney Ring. Their knowledge and skills were invaluable in bringing this portion of the project to fruition.

Special thanks to Mr. Woody Harrison for being generous enough to let me borrow a few pieces from his personal collection to scan for the website. His generosity allowed me to display unique pieces of history that many have not seen before.

Finally, I would like to thank my parents. Their constant support and encouragement has allowed me to pursue my passion for military history. I will be forever grateful for all they have done for me.